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I chose that name because that was probably the first thing I said when I heard about the breed. And, I get that quite often when I have the girls out and they meet new people. Most people have never heard of the breed, although we do occasionally run into someone who actually knows what they are! I do know one thing and that is Shiba owners love to see other Shibas and read about other Shibas. I recently came across I Am Shiba and within a few days, read the whole blog. Many times I found myself laughing so hard I was on the verge of tears. LOL While not every dog is the same, there are enough similarities. Through this blog, I would love to share how I came to have these two beautiful girls, what we have been though and what we are up to. Occasionally even the girls will add their input, they can be very opinionated you know.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Character Analysis - Masami

First I want to tell you a little bit about each of the girls. I will start with Sami as she is the Alpha. Yes, she is the boss and she lets Miko know that. A lot of people don’t understand a female dog humping another dog. This is just her way of showing dominance, nothing else. And, while I know this is the natural order of things, I do try to keep this at a minimum. I try to discourage it. One thing I will say about this is that you should never let a dog hump you. That is the dogs way of telling you he or she is the boss. When they do that, you have to get that situation under control ASAP! But, Sami does take care of Miko. She cleans her face and mostly her ears. Sami has this thing about ears and she will even clean our cat Calista’s ears if she sits still for it.

Sami may look so sweet and innocent here and don’t get me wrong, she is a very good girl. But, she has a mischievous side to her. She can be the trouble maker. I hear it was that way from the start. When they were first introduced to food, Sami wasn’t satisfied with just sitting or standing next to the bowl, she had to be IN the bowl. Sami was the one that just loved to pull Evanita’s hoodie strings. And worse, she liked to sneak up from behind and pull her long hair.

She is the one that will get into my pots and pans, my Tupperware and my towel drawer. She is the reason why some of my cabinet doors now have child locks on them. I can't leave anything close to the edge of the counter or she will get it.

She is my little protector and watchdog. She lets me know if she hears a noise outside whether it be the mailperson, a loud vehicle or the neighbors making noise. I’ll ask her, did you hear that? What was that? You can see the intense look on her face. When she goes into full alert, the hair down the middle of her back, which is darker, stands up and it looks like she has this Mohawk thing going on and she looks quite fierce. LOL And, when she gets really riled up, it may take her some time before she will settle down.

She does love attention and loves to go to their favorite store, PetSmart. She loves to meet new people. She just soaks all that in. And, when she sees someone she knows well, she will just lick them to death. I swear there are times that she is on the verge of hyperventilation she is so excited.

Before I forget, Masami is Japanese for Grace and Beauty. Not sure about the grace part, she can be a klutz at time. The last tidbit of information I would like to share at this time is that she is an ice-oholic. She is addicted to eating ice and at this time of the year, ice chunks or snow chunks. I recently read that eating ice can be a sign of an iron deficiency, so I just had her checked out and everything is perfectly fine. So, I guess she just loves to eat ice. I’m just glad I have an old refrigerator as she scratches on the door until I go out to get her some. LOL

And remember, Two is more fun then one.

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